Be Inventive don't follow but shape your marketplace
On the Move making choices is the only way to evolve
Have Fun sense the thrill of being original
Inventive Thinking market research and marketing solutions

Pursue Inventiveness

In our lives and careers we have been project managers, economists, marketeers, researchers, but above all Thinkers. Curiosity, intuition or gut-feel, the ability to distill the essence from a complex problem, feel with the market are necessary ingredients to succeeding we have acquired and developed during 10 years of professional life and during a little longer lifetime of continuous learning.

Most of our private and professional choices have been guided by curiosity and the urge to pursue and develop new ideas and ways, some successful and some less, but it seemed to be the only way forward. Making choices and be integer with them are a constant necessity.

We live by simple values that we try to project in our organisation:
respect for life, for the client, for oneself
– doing the best we can in any project we undertake
– no over-promises
– having fun

Inventive Squad

Christophe Pirotte, Inventive Thinker
...graduated from University of Antwerp in Applied Economics with a major in marketing. He started professional career in Synovate Benelux (offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam) serving mainly multinational companies. His career development lead him to Slovenia where he worked on position of Research Director .

He is specialized in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), business to consumer (B2C) marketing and qualitative research techniques. During his marketing career Christophe has been a regular speaker on regional marketing conferences and also has written several articles among which the winning SEEMAR 2006 paper with the subject 'Reveal relevance in complex laddering networks'. His focus is on concepting, product research and sales & channel.
Aljoša Silič Žemva, Inventive Thinker
...graduated from University of Ljubljana in Sociology. He started market research career in 2005 and was during the last couple of years holding position of the Key account manager, serving wide area of Slovenian as well as multinational clients.

He is specialized in durable goods, pharmaceuticals, business to business (B2B) marketing and quantitative research techniques. He has been regular speaker on marketing conferences and has published several articles over the years. Among them also ‘Prevalence of asthma in adults in Slovenia’ in co-authorship with dr. Stanislav Šuškovič. His focus is on pricing strategies and tactics, branding and behavioural economics.